The “So, You Need to Source a Product Overseas?” Book

Learn How to Successfully Manufacture a Product Overseas

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If you are thinking about outsourcing manufacturing but need help figuring out where to start or are already sourcing your product overseas but running into complications, this book will provide some helpful guidelines for navigating the process. 

You probably already know this, but it bears repeating: Manufacturing outsourcing raises profit margins, improves inventory management, and gets new products to market faster. It can improve product quality and customer service levels if performed correctly. 

The benefits of sourcing and manufacturing products overseas are plentiful, but the process is not without risk or complexity; this book will help you understand the process so you can make it work for your company or organization.

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The benefits of sourcing and manufacturing products overseas are plentiful, but the process is not without risk or complexity, this book will help you understand the process so you can make it work for your company or organization.

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The “So, You Need to Source a Product Overseas?” Book

Here is a sneak peek of what you will find in this book - we use these exact methods to help our clients successfully manufacture their products overseas!

Factory Selection

This is a vital part of your production process! In this book, you will get the details on why you need to pick the right factory to manufacture your product, so you don't waste time and resources.


Learn the difference between "first-cost" and "landed" cost components of overseas manufacturing pricing and why it's so important to manage both to maximize profitability.

International Business Practices and Cultural Considerations

Get the details on how to ensure a working relationship with factories overseas, so that your product is produced to your satisfaction. Learn how to avoid frustration through effective communication.

Risk Management and Delivery

You will get the details on how to mitigate the risk of outsourcing your product, along with the details on how to lower the risk of delivery issues related to real-world issues. Like the pandemic!

The “So, You Need to Source a Product?” Book

Here is what to expect when you request your free copy:

Hi! We are Global Nexus!

We are committed to helping our clients get the best offshore manufacturing experience by connecting them with the correct information and team of manufacturing experts. To help you start on the right foot, we created this book, so you don't make the mistakes that are usually common for new business owners that manufacture overseas.

The idea of manufacturing a product overseas is daunting, especially when you don't have the support of experienced professionals who understand the process and best practices to ensure your product's success.

Think about it… Are you putting time and resources into a product to be created in a foreign country where you have no idea how or where it is manufactured?

And when issues arise (and they will), how do you even know what those issues are and how to fix them before something catastrophic happens?

If you're like many businesses, you don't have the time or expertise to manage these issues. You are throwing darts blindfolded…

And guess what? 

Many people make a mistake because they are inexperienced and think they can jump in and do it alone without doing proper research and getting the help they need!

You might need help in terms of what to do next to ensure your product's success, which can create significant risks for your business.

Offshore manufacturing is a complex process… but you're one step ahead because we have your back.

In the “So, You Need to Source a Product” book, you will learn the most important things you need to know about manufacturing a product overseas!

Here are some things you can expect to learn when you claim your FREE copy:

  • Price - learn the two critical price components that must be managed to maximize profitability.

  • Get the details on international and cultural business practices - how to communicate despite language barriers and need to learn the ins & outs of manufacturing overseas.

  • How to select a factory to manufacture your product - to ensure that you have the best possible chance of producing the best product.

  • Break of risk management - how to implement strategies to avoid economic issues.

  • Production management and quality control - how to avoid issues that cause an entire product run to be rejected, product recalls, etc.

  • Packaging and delivery - how to ensure your product is packaged correctly and shipped on time.

Before you dive head first into the outsourcing world…

Please grab your copy and get all the details listed in this book to ensure you have the best possible chance of success.

You don't want to waste your time and money and dive into outsourcing your product, unaware of the complexities.

This book will be your best friend because it lays down the foundation of what you need to understand before you even pick a factory to manufacture your product!

Get your copy and avoid the common mistakes business owners make!

Why get this book & go through the trouble?

After helping countless clients successfully produce a highly successful product, we learned a thing or two about offshore manufacturing…

This is good news for you…

Because we listed some of the most imposing matters related to offshore manufacturing, all are listed inside this book to help you clearly understand what you need to know before getting into it!

By reading this book, you will have all questions answered about the main things related to offshore manufacturing.

This book is exactly what you need if you can relate to any of these categories:

You are thinking about manufacturing a product overseas but need help figuring out where to start and how to ensure the success of your product.

You are already manufacturing overseas, and you are running into some issues. This book will help sort out some problems in your product's production, landed cost, delivery, and communication.

You are curious about what companies like (Global Nexus) do to help business owners manufacture their products overseas successfully.

Or you want to educate yourself about all things offshore manufacturing!

No matter where you are… This book is a perfect start to ensure you have up-to-date knowledge and are using the best practices to ensure success.

Not sure if this Book is for you?

Many business owners jump into the game not knowing what they are doing, and the results can be catastrophic; failed launches, cost overruns, and unacceptable business risk.

There are so many issues with offshore manufacturing; one of the biggest mistakes they make is picking the wrong factory to manufacture their product.


This results in products that are not up to standards, manufacturing mistakes, and even packaging and shipping issues!

This book is exactly what you need if you are thinking about manufacturing overseas and need guidance and the bigger picture of this process.

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There is nothing to lose; this FREE book is a road map to help you get all the ins & outs of manufacturing overseas.

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John C. Ramig is the founder and president of Global Nexus, a worldwide leader in manufacturing & sourcing solutions. Global Nexus exists to help small and medium-sized businesses reap the numerous benefits of outsourcing while managing its complexities and risks with the help of our dedicated, expert staff. 

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